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Multiple Car Accident on Highway 6 Leaves 10 Hospitalized

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According to police last night around 9:15 pm a car traveling southbound on Highway 6 near Patterson lost control and veered into oncoming traffic. A car traveling northbound collided with the car as it skidded across the lane. Another car then slammed into the wreckage.

The chain reaction accident shut down traffic in both directions on Highway 6 for over two hours. In all 10 people were transported to the hospital including two individuals who were airlifted to Memorial Hermann in serious but stable condition.

This is the second serious accident in only three days over this stretch of Highway 6. Another accident involving a vehicle that veered into on-coming traffic in the morning hours New Year’s Day left two dead and an additional seven hospitalized.

Some believe that a barrier should be installed to prevent traffic from veering into oncoming lanes; however, it is unclear if this is being considered transportation authorities.

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  1. newdriver says:
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    If you are behind me on this hill, i have 2 suggestions: 1.you make a u turn and find another route or 2. have all the patience its going to require to safely roll up or down. This is a special stretch of road and u and i are either tourists or among the chosen few to be on it.