Houston, Texas


Scott Kappes

Woman Injured in Greyhound Bus Fall Files Suit

Rosa Vasquez has filed a lawsuit against Greyhound Lines over injuries she claims she suffered when the driver of the bus she was riding swerved unexpectedly causing here to fall.
Vasquez and her…

Scott Kappes

Metro Fires Drivers Accused of Facebooking Behind the Wheel

A couple of weeks back KPRC Local 2 investigative reported Amy Davis reported on Houston Metro bus drivers that were apparently using Facebook while behind the wheel. In response to the piece Metro…

Scott Kappes

Investigators Still Looking for the Cause of Saturday’s Plane Crash

Two days after the Houston bound Continental flight 1404 violently veered off the runway and burst into flames during takeoff, investigators are still sorting through the wreckage and searching…

Scott Kappes

Train Crash Victims’ Families Awarded $24 Million

On Friday a Minnesota jury handed down a $24 million dollar
judgment to the families of four people who lost their lives in a 2003 Anoka
train accident. Each of the families will receive $6…