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Birth Injury Paralysis Leads To Lawsuit

DC InjuryBoard blogger Kevin Goldberg brings my attention to the story of a young girl who suffered a birth injury when her arm was paralysed during delivery. The girl, now 8, had a condition known as shoulder dystocia which prevents an easy delivery.Her parents filed a malpractice lawsuit against the doctor but didn’t want any of the $1.1 million award. They wanted all money to be paid to their…

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Dentists' Actions Can Be Medical Malpractice

People often wonder if dentists can be held to the same standards of care as other doctors when it comes to medical malpractice. Fellow InjuryBoard blogger Jack Landskroner reminds us that, yes, dental malpractice can indeed be medical malpractice:Teeth and other areas of the mouth are frequently injured during dental procedures. While there are risks associated with most medical and dental…