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Tom Young

Is BP’s Oil Spill Fraud Hotline Fraudulent?

Yesterday BP announced the creation of a company-controlled toll-free number it says is dedicated to rooting out fraud in the Court-Supervised Deepwater Horizon Claims Process. By dialing 855-NO-2-FRAUD whistleblowers can report perceived bad actors to BP’s private police force. While all […]

Michele Van Almelo

BP Engineer Claims there is Evidence to Exonerate him.

Kurt Mix, the engineer, who was also the first person charged with a crime in the BP Oil Spill litigation, claims there is evidence that may clear him in the case. The former BP employee, was…

Michele Van Almelo

$14.8 Million FEMA Trailer Settlement

The 21 companies, that manufactured trailers for Hurricane Katrina and Rita victims, have reached a settlement. They have agreed to pay 14.8 million to resolve the claims. The Federal Emergency…

Scott Kappes

BP Settlement, High Point for Most, but Headache Up for Some

The news of BP reaching a settlement with a core group of plaintiffs spread quickly through the legal and oil industries. While most plaintiffs are happy with the recent developments it has…

Scott Kappes

BP in Settlement Talks with Plaintiffs’ Attorneys

Settlement talks are underway between BP’s attorneys and attorneys representing thousands of plaintiffs who claim they were damaged by the massive Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The…

Scott Kappes

Anadarko Agrees to $4 Billion Settlement with BP

Anadarko Petroleum has agreed to pay $4 billion to BP to settle claims related to the Deepwater Horizon accident and Gulf oil spill. As part of the settlement Anadarko also relinquishes its 25…

Scott Kappes

Could the Indoor Swimming Pool be making you Sick?

Summer is coming to an end, and in most parts of the country that means that the outdoor swimming season will also be ending soon, if it has not already. Avid swimmers will now be forced to turn…

Scott Kappes

World Trade Center First Responders at Increased Cancer Risk

When the Twin Towers came crashing down almost 10 years ago an enormous cloud of toxic dust filled the sky and enveloped the area. New York firefighters were among the fist on the tragic scene and…

Scott Kappes

BP Accused of “Coercive” Tactics in Oil Spill Claims Process

Attorneys representing thousands of plaintiffs who have allegedly been harmed by the last year’s massive oil spill recently filed a motion in Louisiana federal court claiming that BP has…

Scott Kappes

Coast Guard Report Slams Transocean for Role in Oil Spill Disaster

Last Friday the United States Coast Guard released a portion of a report that condemns Transocean for “deficiencies” contributing to the disaster that would become the worst oils…