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Chinese Drywall Installer Sued by Insurer

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Well the Chinese drywall debacle continues to get more interesting. According to Law360 an American International Group (AIG) affiliate has filed a lawsuit against F. Vincino Drywall Inc. the lawsuit argues that the insurance policies issued to the drywall installer do not cover the host of defective Chinese drywall lawsuits filed against the company.

Insurance companies believe that Chinese drywall claims should not be covered under their policies due to a “pollution exclusion.” It is not yet clear whether the pollution exclusion argument will hold up, but for now most claims are being denied on this basis.

Nobody really knows how everything will play out yet. The process will take some careful interpretation of how the rule of should apply in Chinese drywall lawsuits and eventually determine who is responsible for the damages incurred by innocent homeowners.

If you suspect that your home may contain toxic drywall it is important that you contact a Chinese drywall attorney immediately to discuss your potential claim.