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Florida’s Lt. Governor is Suing for Chinese Drywall Damages

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The Chinese drywall debacle is gaining more momentum each and every day. Thousands of homeowners in Florida and across the nation are being affected by toxic drywall, and Monday the fight got a new unsuspected poster boy, Florida’s own Lt. Governor Jeffrey Kottkamp. Kottkamp and his wife have filed a federal lawsuit seeking over $75,000 in damages resulting from toxic drywall in their home. See the News-Press story here.

The suit alleges that defective Chinese drywall has caused the Lt. Governor’s air conditioning coils and internal wiring to become corroded and family members have suffered numerous physical ailments.

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission has received over 1,200 complaints in from two dozen states to date, and this number is expected to continue to increase in coming months.

The first of thousands of Chinese drywall lawsuits are expected to hit the court room early next year, but there may be it may be much longer before all of the claims have been settled or had their day in court.

The Law Firm of Reich & Binstock represents homeowners affected by Chinese drywall nationwide. If you suspect that your home may contain toxic Chinese drywall please contact us for a free claim evaluation.