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Mouthwash Recalled for Contamination

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Today Cardinal Health issued a voluntary recall of affected
lots of alcohol-free mouthwash after it was found tests showed the product was
contaminated with Burkholderia cepacia (B. cepacia). The bacteria poses only a very small medical risk
to healthy individuals, but individuals with weakened immune systems or cystic
fibrosis may be susceptible to infections.


The tainted mouthwash
was not sold in stores, but rater distributed in hospitals and other heathcare
facilities throughout the country. In all the company is recalling some 60,000
bottles of mouthwash from nearly 1,000 medical facilities nationwide. The
mouthwash is made by Hydrox Inc and branded with the Cardinal name.


The CDC reports that
hospital illness has been associated with the contaminated mouthwash in one