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Settlement Reached in Lowe’s Drywall Lawsuit

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The popular home improvement store Lowe’s has agreed to pay $6.5 million in gift cards to settle a class action lawsuit claiming that they sold defective drywall to patrons. As part of the agreement Lowe’s will also have to shell out another $2.2 million to cover the legal fees of class members.

The lawsuit claimed that Lowe’s sold drywall that contained high levels of sulfur and other organic compounds which produced a rotten egg smell and caused damage to appliances and electrical wiring in homes it was installed in. Lowe’s claims that although no drywall sold by the company has been proven to be defective it enetered the agreement as a part of a commitment to their customers.

Under the agreement Lowe’s admits no wrongdoing and was quick to point out they have been assured by their vendors that the drywall the retailer sold was not imported from China.

According to Lowe’s the agreement has preliminary approval from the court and is expected to be finalized in the near future.