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Strangulation Deaths Prompt Recall of Baby Monitors

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Over the past year the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has received two reports of strangulation deaths involving the Summer Infant baby monitors. Both incidents have involved the power cables for the monitors being wrapped around the neck of the infant causing the strangulation.

In response to the deaths and another near strangulation, Summer Infant Inc in cooperation with the CPSC has issued a voluntary recall of 1.7 million baby monitors to include new warnings about the dangers of leaving the monitor too close to the crib. It is recommended that parents and caregivers never leave place these items or any other corded items within three feet of a crib.

The monitors were sold at major retailers from January 2003 to February 2011 for anywhere between $60 and $300. More than 40 different models are involved in the recall, ranging from handheld monitors to color video monitors. The recalled products are labeled with the brand “Summer.”

While only Summer Infant monitors are being recalled for improved warnings the issue is much larger. It is extremely important for parents and caregivers to be extremely cautious of putting any corded item within reach of a crib.

Since 2004 there have been seven reported strangulation deaths associated with baby monitor cords and no telling how many other close calls.

Watch the CPSC’s video about the danger of baby monitor cords here.

For more info see the CPSC Saftey Alert.