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$7 Million Verdict Upheld in Accutane Lawsuit

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Drug giant Roche has been ordered to pay a $7 million verdict to man who had to have his colon removed after taking the popular acne medication Accutane. Allegedly the medication caused inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease. This is the second loss for Roche in as many trials for Accutane. Roche still faces over 400 lawsuits alleging that Accutane caused Crohn’s disease. An order handed down on February 8th Judge Carol Hugbee upheld the multi-million dollar verdict awarded in October.

Last May a New Jersey jury awarded a $2.62 million verdict to an Alabama man alleging that Accutane also caused his case of Crohn’s disease. The lawsuits claim that Roche failed to provide adequate warnings of the dangers associated with Accutane.

About 13 million people have taken Accutane since it was introduced in 1982. Roche lost patent protection on the drug in 2002 and continues to sell it, with generic competition. Accutane, used to treat the worst cases of acne, also has been associated with birth defects and depression. The drugmaker also faces lawsuits over charges the med can cause suicidal thoughts and behavior.