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Dangers of Yaz: One Woman's Story

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Vicki Parsons of Memphis recently filed suit against the pharmaceutical giant Bayer. Parsons claims that the company’s birth control medication Yaz almost caused her death three years ago. Last week she told her story to Memphis’ WREG in hopes that her story would help other women who may have been harmed as a result of taking Yaz.

It was June of 2007 and Parsons and her husband were on vacation when she first noticed pain in her foot. Only a few days later she was rushed to the hospital where doctors found massive blood clots in her lungs and legs.

After running extensive to determine what caused the immense clots doctors said it was caused by her birth control.

Parsons had no previous history or family history of blood clots. She also was not a smoker which has been known to exacerbate the development of blood clots in some instances. All Vickie Parsons had done was take Bayer’s birth control medication Yaz, and she nearly lost her life because of it.

Parsons had only been taking Yaz about three weeks when her first blood clots were discovered. She has since had more blood clots including one last year.

Parsons joins over 1,000 other women who have filed similar lawsuits against Bayer of side effects related to the use of Yaz.