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FDA Recalls Morphine Sulphate Tablets For Overdose Risk

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Today the FDA and ETHEX Corporation issued a voluntary
recall of a single lot of morphine sulphate tablets after a report suggested that some
of the tablets were twice the appropriate thickness and therefore pose an
overdose risk. The affected tablets contain twice the appropriate amount of the
active ingredient, morphine sulphate. The recalled lot (Lot No. 91762) was
distributed by ETHEX under the ETHEX label between April 16 and 27 of this

Opioids such as morphine have life-threatening consequences
if overdosed. Consequences can include respiratory depression (difficulty or
lack of breathing), and low blood pressure. Many patients for whom this product
is prescribed are likely to be highly debilitated with reduced strength or
energy as a result of illness, and may be less likely to determine that a
tablet is overweight or oversized than an unimpaired individual.

Consumers with affected batches should
immediately discontinue use and contact their physician for further guidance.