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FDA To Investigate Singulair-Suicide Link

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Today the FDA announced that they would be launching a probe to investigate a possible link between Merck’s asthma medication Singulair and suicidal ideation and action. The agency is reviewing the issue due to reports of mood and behavioral changes, including suicidal thoughts and action, associated with the drug. Singulair is most commonly used to treat asthma but is also often used to treat allergy symptoms such as a runny nose. No link has been established in the case, but an FDA probe should provide greater insight into possible adverse reaction related to Singulair.

The FDA said it is also reviewing reports of behavioral changes in patients taking other similar drugs, including AstraZeneca’s Accolate and Critical Therapeutics Inc’s Zyflo but has not yet decided whether further investigation is needed.

Merck had previously added information about the risk of depression, tremors, anxiousness, and suicidal behavior to the medication’s label. No official comment has been release by the company regarding the probe.