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Judge Overturns Prempro Verdict

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Late last week a Pennsylvania state court judge Richard C. Jackson overturned a $3 million award to a woman claiming that the hormone-replacement drug Prempro caused her breast cancer. The judge declared that she did not show sufficient evidence of negligence on behalf of Wyeth, the maker of the drug. The woman, Jennie Nelson, is appealing the ruling.

Nelson was diagnosed in 2001 after taking Prempro for five years to treat symptoms of menopause. Her lawyers argued that Wyeth knew for decades the drug could cause breast cancer, yet failed to issue adequate warnings.

A jury awarded Nelson with a $3 million award prior to Jackson’s ruling that the evidence did not support the verdict. Nelson’s lawyer was quick to point out that the issues of this case are unique to this case and does not set a president for future cases involving Wyeth or Prempro.

Over 5,000 women have filed lawsuits against Wyeth alleging various issues with Prempro and Premarin. Only time will tell what the future holds for these cases.

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