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Nationwide Recall Issued on Icy Hot Therapy

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Friday, in conjunction with the FDA, Chattem Inc. announced a voluntary recall of all sizes and lots of Icy Hot Air Activated Heat Therapy. The recall was prompted by reports of first, second, and third degree burns and skin irritation associated with the use or misuse of the product. More than 200 people claim to have been injured to varying degrees.

Catherine Baker, a spokeswoman for Chattem, said she couldn’t elaborate on exactly how people were getting burned from Icy Hot, but speculated that it could be from keeping the pain reliever on for too long. (The label warns against using Icy Hot for more than eight hours in any 24-hour period.)

Some elderly people or people with sensitive skin may be more susceptible to burns and the company expanded the label to provide specific usage instructions for these types of patients last year.

The recalled products can be returned for a full refund by contacting the Chattem consumer affairs department during normal business hours at 888-458-3487.