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Over 40 Patients Infected By Syringes Contaminated With Bacteria

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The Serratia marcescens bacteria infected hospital patients in both Texas and Illinois when contaminated syringes were used to administer medication to them. In all 41 patients have been treated for the infection from the contaminated syringes. Over 20 patents were infected a Rush Medical Center in Chicago and another 20 caught the infection at a Dallas area oncology clinic. Seirra Pre-Filled Corp. made the syringes and distributed them to five states in all including Colorado, Florida, Pennsylvania, and of course Illinois and Texas. No infections have been reported in the three other states.

No deaths have been reported in association with the infections however fever and chills are common symptoms. Infections usually respond to antibiotics. The contaminated syringes were filled with heparin, a common blood thinner.

The manufacturer has issues a voluntary recall of all possibly infected syringes. An investigation of when and how the syringes became contaminated is under way.