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Allison Snoddy
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Avandia vs. Government

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The government is now accused of not protecting the public from an unsafe drug. According to a scientific analysis by researchers at the Cleveland Clinic, the drug Avandia raises the risk of heart attack and possibly death. Avandia was first introduced into the market 8 years ago and since then more than 6 million people have taken it worldwide in order to control their blood sugar levels for type two diabetes.

There have been 40 studies on almost 28,000 people, and we are now aware that there is a 43% higher risk of heart attack for those who have taken Avandia over those who have not. According to news-medical.net, “the situation reflects very badly on the FDA and how responsible their monitoring process is and it represents a major failure of the drug use and drug approval in the United States”. Glaxo, the manufacturer of Avandia, still insists that he has confidence in the drugs safety and effectiveness. The study is published In the New England Journal of Medicine.

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