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Innocent Bystander Shot In Police Stand-off With Gunman

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An innocent passerby was shot by a gunman involved in standoff with Alvin police last night. The standoff began when Alvin police approached a distraught man in a grassy area at the Wedgwood Apartments in Alvin around 11 p.m. The man then turned toward police began firing. The officers were able find shelter from the gunfire by hiding behind a car. A passerby was not able to avoid the wild shooting of the suspect and was struck in the shoulder by one the gunman’s rounds. The injuries were not life-threatening.

After the initial gunfight the gunman retreated to his apartment. Over the next five hours police and the gunman exchanged fire on several occasions before the man was eventually coaxed out of his apartment and arrested around 4 a.m.

Police estimate that over the five hour standoff the suspect fired between 50 and 60 rounds at police. No one other than the passerby was injured in the standoff.