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Risks of Taking Avandia

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Many patients who have been taking Avandia for years are now stopping because of the risks involved with taking the drug.

After finding out that a recent study said that Avandia increases heart attack by 43%, many patients have consulted their doctors for advice. All patients of Dr. Dan Allen are no longer taking Avandia. Most have started taking Actos, which is considered to be in the same drug class as Avandia. It is still unknown as to whether or not Actos has the same effects as Avandia.

The problem with some of the new drugs is that it’s still unknown what kind of effects they will have on people. Some alternative drugs to Avandia can also be problematic because of the side effects involved. Some drugs must be taken with food. Others might need a shot of insulin as well. It only makes some of the new drugs a hassle and inconvenience.

Type 2 diabetes affects about 18 to 20 million Americans. Complications include heart disease, blindness, and nerve and kidney damage. Two out of three diabetics will die from heart attack and stroke. This statistic is staggering and it’s very scary and unfortunate.

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