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Staircase Collapse Leaves Two Children Dead

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Around 7:40pm last night the sounds of children playing
quickly turned into screams when a staircase at a southwest Houston apartment
complex collapsed on three children playing underneath it. Two children were killed and another was injured when debris from platform above came
crashing down on top of them.

David Vazquez, 10, and 4-year-old Miguel Angel Robledo were
crushed to death, officials said. Jose Martin Castro, 9, suffered a broken leg.

Residents of the complex said that the staircase was old and
rusted and did not look safe, and investigators have evacuated residents of the
building over concerns about other structural problems. City engineers will
inspect the building to determine if it meets safety guidelines.

These types of accidents happen all too often.
It is the responsibility of the owners of apartment complexes to maintain a
safe living environment for their residents; however, many property owners fail to provide proper maintenance. Obviously those in charge at the
Westwood Fountains Apartments have not done their job two children are dead because of it.