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Coast Guard Report Slams Transocean for Role in Oil Spill Disaster

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Last Friday the United States Coast Guard released a portion of a report that condemns Transocean for “deficiencies” contributing to the disaster that would become the worst oils spill in U.S. history. Read the Click 2 Houston story here.

Until now BP has taken almost all of the heat surrounding the disaster, but the new report cites numerous deficiencies that contributed to the ability to prevent or limit the magnitude of the disaster. The report cites that poor maintenance of electrical equipment may have ignited the blaze and bypassed the gas alarms and automatic shutdown systems that could have prevented the explosion.

The report also claims that poor personnel training may of emergency shutdown procedures may have greatly contributed to the ability to avoid a gas explosion and mitigate the damage of an explosion and fire.

“These deficiencies indicate that Transocean’s failure to have an effective safety management system and instill a culture that emphasizes and ensures safety contributed to this disaster.”

The report was compiled over the last 11 months by a Marine Board panel composed of Coast Guard officers and officials from the Bureau of Offshore Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement using data collected by investigators and information gather through hearing conducted over the past year.

The Board’s full report is due by July 27.