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Houstonians Protest BP Over Oil Spill

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Last night a group of protesters gathered in Herman Park to promote the expanded use of renewable energy and less dependence on oil. Protesters are angry about the damage that has and will be caused by the millions of gallons of oil that have been gushing into the Gulf waters since April 20th. Experts estimate that over 36 million gallons of oil have been released into the water over the last 50 days.

BP insists that the cap that was installed late last week is showing good progress and they will soon be able to capture almost all of the oil that is spewing from the well, but the latest videos that I have seen seem to still show an awful lot of oil escaping from the cap.

Yesterday reports surfaced that suggested Florida could suffer $10 billion in losses if the sheen that is only a few miles from many of their pristine beaches makes a full impact with shore. We can only hope that this can be avoided and that generations to come can have the opportunity to experience the white sands of Destin, Pensacola, and Sarasota.