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Teen Dies From Complications During Breast Surgery

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An 18 year-old senior at West Boca Raton High School in Florida tragically passed away over the weekend after complications during breast augmentation surgery. Stephanie Kuleba, a well-liked cheerleader, was having corrective surgery to repair a symmetrical breasts and an inverted areola, when she suffered a fatal reaction to anesthesia used during the surgery.

Doctors believe the cause of death was malignant hyperthermia, a relatively rare metabolic condition that can be triggered by certain anesthesia. A patient’s heart rate and metabolism rises, causing the body temperature to rise as high as 112 degrees.

The surgery was being preformed by board certified plastic surgeon, Stephen Schuster, at an out patient facility in Boca Raton. He expressed his sadness by saying, “”I am devastated by the loss and I feel for the family.”

The grief-stricken family is still awaiting a definitive cause of death.