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The shooting death of Dallas musician Carter Albrecht has gotten quite a bit of attention throughout the U.S. media. The Castle Doctrine has been the main focal point associated with Albrecht’s death, but concerns about the prescription stop smoking aid Chantix have also gotten nation wide attention. Albrecht’s girlfriend has alleged that Chantix had to play a significant role in the psychotic episode that eventually ended with him being shot and killed. Since the original story broke on Labor Day there have been numerous claims of serious adverse effects to the drug.

Kenneth in Euless, TX said that he felt very aggressive and like he was loosing control when taking Chantix. He also claims to have suffered a mini stroke while on the medication at only 37 years of age.

Karen from Washington alleges that her brother has now become a complete invalid after taking Chantix. She claims that he has suffered kidney failure in addition to neurological breakdown. She believes that this is a direct result of taking Chantix.

There have been several allegations of suicidal thoughts and a few suicide attempts. There have even been a couple of claims of people who have taken their lives as a result of taking Chantix. Suicidal ideation is a listed under the rare side effects of this drug.

Joseph of Terrell, TX says that he could not tell when he was awake and when he was dreaming. He tells a story of waking up to a doorbell ringing at two o’clock in the morning. He heard his wife say she would get it and became concerned at the late hour. After grabbing his pistol he proceeded to the front door expecting to see his wife there. As it turns out she was not there and there was no one at the door either. Joseph says that he was dreaming up to the point of getting up and grabbing his gun and could not distinguish the dream from reality at all. This is exactly how Albrecht’s actions on the morning of his death. She says it was like he was in a dream, or better yet a nightmare.

These allegations are very serious and should not be taken lightly. The FDA has said that they will be investigating the drug in detail. Some suspect that there could be serious interactions between Chantix and alcohol and other drugs. With more than 3 million people taking Chantix in the United States alone if this drug does turn out to have severe side effects associated with it the FDA and Pfizer could have their hands full.

For more information on this subject, please refer to the section on Drugs, Medical Devices, and Implants.

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