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Every day I am finding more and more people who have experience drastic side effects while using the drug Chantix, side effects which are not listed in the Chantix warning label. Chantix is a new drug, manufactured by Pfizer, to purportedly help people quit smoking. The results experienced by many of the people who have taken this drug range from severe depression, psychotic episodes and attempted suicide. With so many people experiencing these sometimes long-lasting symptoms, it is a wonder that Chantix has not warned against this.

Chantix is currently using big money to advertise on highly publicized locations such as NFL half-time shows, Yahoo and many more. Of course the commercials mention nothing about the serious side-effects. There are a number of blogs and message boards dedicated to the “unpublicized” side effects, however, Pfizer has yet to announce these.

There have been some very scary things posted about Chantix over the recent weeks on message boards from people all over the world. I read a post last Wednesday from a Milwaukee man that sent chills down my spine. He claims that after a few beers and his normal regimen of Chantix he was awoken by his wife screaming at him the next morning. She wanted to know how long their 3 month-old son had been sleeping on the sun porch.

“The last thing I remember is putting him in his crib. So I must have slept walked with my boy!!! Crazy!! I may discontinue the med, gonna see if it happens again. If it was winter time the situation could have been deadly!”

He is completely right this could have been deadly. There are hundreds of other complaints on dozens of other message boards associated with the side effects of this drug. Chantix is a relatively new drug and does not have a wealth of research behind it. Of course it is never a good idea to mix any drug with alcohol but many people do. Adverse events with this drug should be reported top the FDA and we would also like to hear about your experience.

For more information on this subject, please refer to the section on Drugs, Medical Devices, and Implants.

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