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A wrongful death case has been filed against drug store giant Walgreen Co. after an allegedly incorrect prescription caused a woman to have a miscarriage. The incident occurred outside St. Louis where Chanda Givens tried to fill a prescription for Materna, a prenatal vitamin, and was allegedly given Matulane, a strong chemotherapy drug, instead. The lawsuit claims that Givens became ill soon after beginning the medication but wrote it off to morning sickness. Her doctor then warned her that the baby was not developing properly and within a few weeks she miscarried.

The lawsuit claims that the defendants failed to adequately supervise those dispensing medication to ensure patient safety, in addition to failure to follow protocol and verify the prescription with Givens doctor. Givens and Walgreen’s only realized the mistake when she tried to refill the prescription, believing that it would help if she were to conceive another child. Walgreen’s asserts that they have a multi-step process for filling prescription to ensure that these kinds of mistakes do not happen. Walgreen’s has not formally admitted any mistake but has offered their condolences for Givens’ loss.

This is very scary and unfortunate series of events that has occurred here, and I offer my most sincere blessing to Givens and her family. Hopefully there will be no long term repercussions of the event and justice will be served.

For more information on this subject, please refer to the section on Wrongful Death.

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