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Every year half of the adult U.S population spends $23 billion dollars on some form of dietary supplement or vitamins, but are they even that beneficial to your health? In the past few years, and through many high-quality studies, there has been no evidence to support the claim that vitamins can help prevent chronic diseases or prolong life.

After an 8 long year study of 161,000 older women, the claim that multivitamins could possibly lower heart attack risks and even certain cancers was disproved. The same kinds of results were found after a study of 15,000 men who regularly took vitamin E and C pills.


Although vitamins may not cure cancer or prevent diseases, they are still essential to the human body and should be incorporated into a healthy diet.

Vitamin research is still continuing and scientists are now trying to study whether or not high doses of “whole food extracts” can replicate the benefits of a vegetable-rich diet. A group of Harvard scientists are now planning to also study whether or not high doses of vitamin D in a large group of people can lower the risk for certain cancers and other chronic diseases.

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