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3D technology is all the rage these days and Nintendo looks to make a splash in the 3D gaming market with the release of a 3D version of their popular DS handheld, aptly named 3DS. The new device is not only the first legitimate contender in the 3D gaming industry, the handheld’s revolutionary technology allows users to experience 3D images without the use of glasses (see it in action here.)

The 3DS is scheduled to hit Japanese store shelves next month, but the Nintendo is warning parents not to let young children play the new device in 3D mode. According to Nintendo, extended use of the device in the 3D mode by children under six years of age could adversely impact the development of normal vision. See the WSJ Health Blog post here.

While there is no hard evidence that vision development may be harmed 3D gaming, there is a theoretical concern.

Actual evidence suggest that 3D gaming is no more harmful to vision development than the heavy use of any other screen or even a book for that matter. There is some concern that children with undiagnosed vision problems will exacerbate the condition due to increased eye strain when trying to focus on the screen.

For some reason I have very little doubt that Nintendo’s warning will not have an impact on sales of the revolutionary handheld gaming device. Some parents will probably take the advice to heart and restrict 3D access from their young children, but my guess is that most will not.

What about you? Does Nintendo’s warning make you less likely to purchase the new 3D handheld device for your children?

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