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A study done by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has found that a chemical called perchlorate found in public drinking water of 26 states suppresses thyroid function in women.
Perchlorate is a natural occurring and man-made chemical. It is found in milk, cheese, and lettuce and breast milk. It is also predominantly used in making rocket fuel.

Perchlorate affects women by blocking the thyroids uptake of iodine which in turn slow metabolism. The intake of perchlorate also increases the risk of thyroid disorders in women that already have low levels of iodine in their system. It could also harm infants and fetuses.
Perchlorate seeped into the ground from operations of defense contractors and military bases in Califorinia and contaminated water sources in the area.
This study could impose a water standard which consequently is opposed by the Pentagon and its contractors.
Questions to be asked: Are the areas where the high concentrations of perchlorate found in the in the drinking water close to where rocket fuel is stored, used and discarded? Does the female population in that area have a high incidence of thyroid disorders?
The CDC is planning more studies that could correlate perchlorate in drinking water and female thyroid disorders. Will there be future litigation against the federal government or any private entities that produce/store/use or discard perchlorate? We shall see.

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